Mum's Jumper

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If Mum has gone, how do you carry on? Missing her feels like a dark cloud that follows you around, or like swimming to a shore that never comes any nearer. But memories are like a jumper that you can cuddle and wear. And Mum's jumper might be a way to keep her close.


A simple, heartfelt and ultimately uplifting book for anyone coping with loss



Mum’s Jumper is a wonderful safe space for children (or possibly even adults) to explore any loss or bereavement. It will now be top of my list to recommend to our school staff when it’s needed.

I've read a lot of children's books on grief now and dealing with bereavement and each one tackles them with varying degrees of clarity and honesty. Some remain ambiguous - as if to sow a seed in the reader's mind which may germinate at a time when they are ready whilst others leave their hearts wide open: Mum's Jumperfalls, quite sensitively, into the latter category.

Mum’s Jumper’ is a picture book that enables young readers to connect with deep feelings of grief.  It shows how we can hold loss in our hearts while continuing to find joy in life.

Mum’s Jumper is Perkin at her visually eloquent best in a book that will be a vitally important support for families working together through the grieving process and children coming to terms with a life-changing experience.

It's not often that you read a book that touches your heart. Mum's Jumper by Jayde Perkin and Published by Book Island is the book you would gift to a child who has lost a beloved parent. Beautifully illustrated, tender and reflective. There is a strong narrative on the stages of loss and bereavement. I really love the ending where it shows that we are all connected even when someone is no longer present. 


Our mother died a year ago this month and even though Mum's Jumper is aimed at little ones, it really touched on our experience and understanding of grief as well.


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210 x 280mm
Publishing date: 
February, 2019
United Kingdom