Sammy and the Skyscraper Sandwich


Sammy is a little boy with a huge appetite. The enterprising toddler feels like eating the biggest, tallest sandwich in the world, so he pulls out all the stops. The sandwich soon grows taller than he is, but fortunately there’s a ladder. Sammy saws holes through the ceilings and carries on stacking his sandwich. He can make it even higher by going through the skylight, and with the help of a crane he’s able to top off this creation with an olive and a sprig of parsley. And then ... Sammy feels like having a banana.
Sammy and the Skyscraper Sandwich is an ode to the creative fantasy of toddlers, who love to convert features of their surroundings into something quite different for a while. This is a look-and-find book full of visual discoveries that will endlessly excite the smallest of children, and indeed their parents.


It's kind of absurd and simple, beautifully presented, and ticks all the boxes for the things that children love. This book is utterly child-centred.

This priceless book is great fun to read - kids will simply adore the craziness - but the superb illustrations really take it over the edge. Funky, colourful, retro-inspired and utterly cool, they are some of my favourite images - not only for 2012 - but, EVER. The variety of styles Gaudesaboos uses is extraordinary - from delicate detailed work to thick, cartoonish outlining - the entire look is delightfully reminiscent of storybooks of the 1950s.

Sammy and the Skyscraper Sandwich is a picture book bursting with imagination (and sandwich ingredients).  Lorraine Francis’ story is simple and one that kids can relate to, but it also fires their imagination.  It gets you thinking about what ingredients you would use if you were making the world’s biggest sandwich and how tall you would be able to make it without it falling down. You could have a great discussion about whether or not the different ingredients in Sammy’s sandwich would go together well.


This is a visually stunning book!

This is a perfect picture book with the text and illustrations both adding to the telling of the story and the joy of its reading. Cleverly, Book Island has published Sammy and the Skyscraper Sandwich in a board book format for it is bound to be read and reread (and reread and reread) with plenty for even the youngest of children to relate to.


The format of Sammy is a large board book, so it’s perfect for reading aloud and perfect for little kids to spend time looking over – the illustrations are large and colourful, and full of lively detail that will catch the eye. The story is very cute and the perfect length for little kids. All this is just accentuated by the excellent production values.

A fine picture book that feeds the imagination of all young readers who dear to imagine big.


Book information

340 x 255mm
Publishing date: 
November, 2012