Sir Mouse to the Rescue


Mouse has a sword. She wears a suit of armour. She is a knight. She is bold Sir Mouse.


Dragon does not have a sword. She does not wear a suit of armour. She is just Dragon.


Knights fight dragons. But Mouse and Dragon never fight each other. Mouse and Dragon are best friends.


Join Mouse and Dragon as they rescue Prince, outwit Cat, have a fancy dress party and find out all about friendship, knighthood and the true meaning of happy every after.


A book of bold adventures and funny tales for emerging readers, both boys and girls.


The splendid illustrations in Sir Mouse to the Rescue, using collage and paper cutting techniques, demonstrate Pottie’s extraordinary craftsmanship and patience.


Children and adults alike will recognise and warm to the delightfully portrayed friendship between audacious Mouse and thoughtful, acquiescent Dragon. We’ve all observed Mouse-Dragon friendships. In fact, most of us are either Mouse or Dragon at one time or another ...

Sir Mouse to the Rescue is my favourite of new local publisher Book Island’s launch titles.  [...] The wit and humour of Dirk Nielandt’s stories will appeal just as much (if not more) to adults as children.  The conversations between these two wonderful characters will have you and your children laughing out loud.

Everything about this book is delightfully unexpected. (...) Wonderfully postmodern, Sir Mouse to the Rescue is a laugh-out-loud parodical poke in the paunch to tradition and patriarchy.

This mouse is too funny, and a character to be enjoyed by girls and boys alike. 


Book information

245 x 165mm
Publishing date: 
November, 2012